About Us

The Make Work Fair campaign believes all working people deserve to be treated fairly at work. Fair Pay Agreements are a way to make this happen. The Make Work Fair is a campaign backed by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi.

Today, many working people find it hard to access basic workplace rights and decent wages. Increasing levels of insecure work, longer hours and poorer conditions mean there is a constant downward pressure on working people. Fair Pay Agreements are a chance to re-set the standards for work, and ensure no working people are left behind.

The pandemic has shone a light on the working conditions of supermarket workers, cleaners, and carers. The people who helped get New Zealand through COVID deserve better.

In other sectors like security, bus driving and forestry, contracting and competitive tendering have seen thousands of working people pushed to their physical and mental limits. Across entire work sectors, there is no coordination of employers. We have missed countless opportunities to train people, build skills and adapt to our changing world.

As a country we can do better. FPAs will make work better, safer, and more rewarding for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. We have a tool to set the balance right and make work fairer for everyone - now it's time to use it.